Slide Welcome to Sterling Specials One Stop Source For All Your Specials (Unlicensed) and Licensed Medicines Sterling Specials is the "One Stop Source for all your specials (unlicensed) medicines" EU GMP compliance All of our products are manufactured in accordance to EU GMP requirements with quality assured to the highest standard in purpose built clean rooms Over 18,000 special formulations meeting specific needs of individual patients At Sterling Specials, we offer excellent contract manufacturing service to Market Authorisation Holding companies in respect of large batches of licensed and unlicensed products.

Sterling Pharmaceuticals Ltd T/A Sterling Specials is an independent pharmaceutical company which specialises in the development and manufacture of non-sterile liquids and semi-solid dosage forms in a variety of batch sizes for ‘specials’, unlicensed and licensed product markets.

Our manufacturing facility houses a purpose built clean room complex which allows manufacturing and testing of non-sterile liquids and semi-solids in batch sizes ranging from 30ml to 1000L for liquids and 10g to 500Kg for semi-solid products.

The clean room complex houses a series of clean rooms where the environmental conditions approximate to grade D standards with the aid of a modern state of the art HVAC and building management system.

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